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Ninety percent of tennis performance is mental and that's what makes the sport so difficult. Sport psychology professionals Brian Lomax and Josh Burger share their insights on mental performance in tennis, discuss current events in the world of tennis, and interview guests with a unique perspective on mental toughness. Whether you want to learn more about the mental game in tennis or you just have an interest in the sport, this is the podcast for you. Send your questions to or via Twitter using #tennisiq.

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  • Dermjeep
    A gateway to mental health
    This isn’t just a tennis podcast. It’s an exploration of all of the ways in which our psyche affects how we move through the world and the situations we find ourselves in. Looking through the lens of tennis as one of those ways gives a really powerful opportunity for self-exploration. I like that these guys walk the paradoxical line between “so meta” and “just keep it simple, stupid” and delve into tennis situations that are really about developing better self-awareness. What we can and can’t control, why we react to certain situations based on past experiences, winning and losing with purpose, forming good habits and breaking bad ones- they are all great. Love the episodes that talk about “acceptance” and realities around lack of control. Also it’s just fun to talk about tennis. Giving a 4/5 because sometimes they get rambling/redundant and it could use some editing, and sometimes the audio isn’t great ( two co-hosts obviously have different recording setups in their respective locales). But would give 4.5 if I could.
  • AustinTxDave
    Excellent podcast on the least practiced part of the game
    In competitive tennis the mental side is at least 60% of the game if not more but very few coaches coach it and very few players train it. The Tennis IQ podcast does an excellent job of discussing, exploring, and strategizing ways to be mentally prepared for all the different stressors you can and will run into if you compete in tennis long enough. Excellent hosts, excellent topics, and excellent guests! Can’t recommend more to tennis players wanting to improve their game. As a bonus, plenty of the strategies and advice given are not just great tennis lessons but great life lessons :) Keep it up guys!
  • Bob58$3839393
    Incredibly informative
    A really great podcast. My tennis game has gotten better since I started listening. The two hosts, Brian and Josh are brilliant individuals.
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