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Join Dr. Michael Savage, host of The Savage Nation® Radio show, National Radio Hall of Fame Inductee, and New York Times Bestselling Author for a bold perspective on American ideals, the truth about liberalism and national security, and what is really happening with today's politics.

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  • formrlistnr
    Was taken off WBOB in Jacksonville now have to listen to podcast replaced with Some guy I never heard of
  • Ganci3
    Impeachment causes rise
    I have no faith in the future of this country
  • Lucky13rc13
    We need more Saavaaggge!
    So good I get withdrawals when he is not on the air. Get well Dr and God bless.
  • GammaMoses
    Trust Dr Savage
    Very few people in podcast land (my alternative to MSM) I Trust to tell the truth. Dr. Savage is one. He’s a rare commodity on the air waves.
  • joey1751
    Common sense and physiological nudity
    Common sense and physiological nudity is very threatening to the wool gathering egocentric individual. Thus they must react with anger and actuation instead of thought. Who is the left really mad at...? I bet you it’s a parent and politics is the enmity outlet that should be directed to the real reason they are mad. Thank you Dr Savage
  • Zion4life
    Savage is racist!!!
    True narcissist! Less talk about his dogs! Savage just say you NO longer support President Trump!! If the radio business getting to difficult to do then just walk away gracefully! Savage is very hard on black politicians! Savage don’t have anything nice to say about black people. Savage is racist!
  • Red Tube Bar
    Medicine for the mind
    There’s no one like Mr.Savage. No one tells a story or can chew the fat like him. Supremely diverse, honest, true and sharp as a tack, he suffers no fools. The internet is a hurricane. He is the eye. Just listen. And keep listening. You’ll be hooked.
  • Kennon Dean
    Must listen
    I look forward everyday to listening to this podcast. One of the only ones left to speak the truth and be genuine. Would love more health episodes. Anytime you visit New York steaks on me!
  • dave zel
    Savage nation
    Best radio talk show host. Listening for over 20 yrs. never once disappointed. Hope to hear Michael for many more yrs. Thank you Michael.
  • Jean-Vicent
    Independent Thinker
    A true hypocrite. One minute he’s licking Trump’s behind, the next minute he’s throwing tar on him. A true narcissist! He repeats the White House talking points. He brags about how Trump acknowledges him as to why he got elected. To be a man who is supposedly educated, he comes across angry. He loves to insert his dog whistle racism. He loves to call people names. Isn’t that right, Michael “Weasel “ ?
  • Divide Springs
    Original longtime listener
    Gotta love Mike . He has the the most diverse subject wise show out there.His show comes from the heart . Don’t get no better than that. Great sense of from serious subjects to laughing out loud in my truck. Thx Gary
  • south hill peanut
    Stop eating on mic
    Many of us listen to you with ear buds. It is so gross to hear your mouth noises
  • Deceived listener
    Not a talk show
    The host is so consumed with monologue that callers don’t get a chance. Go ahead and add up how many calls he takes. It’s absurd to call this a talk show.
  • Bendiziel08
    Not helping the country
    I’m all for discussion about politics happening in our country but how can you call yourself a doctor and be so arrogant
  • loveTolisten2podcasts
    I was a Obama voter! Now I’m a Savage Listener
    I enjoy listening to him! When I work out run and walk. He’s like having a BFF that’s interesting. I’m not the typical listener lesbian, female and voted Obama. The Dems don’t own me but neither do the Rep. If he doesn’t like something Trump says/does he will tell you. He doesn’t blindly follow anyone. Thanks Savage
  • Inspector Sully
    History and Current Events all wrapped into one podcast
    Dr.Savage does a phenomenal job getting me to think critically. I use the same strategies when I teach my students. Savage holds both the Republicans and Democrats accountable for their disastrous fiscal policies.
  • Paris.FR
    Great Info
    Love the show and the information. But the snorting while he listens to clips and callers makes me gag.
  • Rick5252
    Borders Language & Culture
    Michael Savage reminds me of an Old Testament Prophet who’s been warning our nation for years of the need to protect our borders, language, and culture. He gives his unique perspective on current events, and has warned us for years that Liberalism IS a mental disorder!
  • McKay M
    Thank you, Michael
    I appreciate Michael’s insight. He gives his listeners hope, and he also tells the truth, good or bad. Also very entertaining with his stories.
  • eht-dc
    Glad to have you back Dr Savage! I was praying for you.
  • love Pres Trump
    Best best radio show. My boyfriend will be so happy that you will be on kabc las angelos.
    if you had your own show on tv it would be the best highest rating. Your just so good. You are so smart and entertaining. I love,love Pres Trump. Best president America has ever had. He should live forever. He’s wonderful. The fascist liberal left are horrible. It’s all about defending the murderers. They forget the ones that were murdered. Be strong sSavage,stick to what you believe. Schiff ,Nadler,Schumer, jews by name only. They are kapos under pelosi, A real Jew is the light unto nations. Pelosi and all the Congress nauseate me. They are as corrupt as anything and talk about the constituuuution. These corrupt politician’s from the left have no qualms to murder anyone in their way. Read what Hitlary did to whoever needed to appear in a deposition. Bullet in the head and the plane crashed. ......there is a book written about all the people that worked with her and were suppose to go to a deposition, against her for whatever reason, We’re found with bullets in their heads Thanks Savage for a great show. I don’t know if any liberals will become capitalis basically you are preaching to the choir.
  • QueenSurely
    Michael is missed
    I miss Savage Nation, hope all is well 😊
    Washington Times
    Read article on Savage being silenced
  • wine country CA
    Current Podcasts
    Where are you Mr. Savage?! We miss you!
  • tankgirl2020
    Tank Girl
    Hey Dr. Savage ....your fans are worried about you. Please tell us you are OK. Yours forever, Diehard Fan
  • IrenicMonk
    Michael is ok
    If you go to his site, he has a snippet about what is going on.
  • BTL1987
    Savage will survive
    Think he’s in Washington D.C. this week meeting with various important people.
  • #1GunnySpouse
    Hey Doc
    Where are you
  • dannypicha
    Where is Mr. Savage
    Where is Mr. Savage
  • Rivermistman
    Savage where are you? We barely knew ye!
    Mike, You’ve only done a handful of shows the entire month. Are you coming back soon?
  • So.IL
    Simply the Best mind. Love to Listen ‼️
    🎙 Dr. Savage. Can’t thank you enough. You’re so valuable. Thank you ‼️ 12/12:19. I’m praying that you and your family are well. Missing you very much‼️🙏 Someone please let us know if Dr Savage is ok ! Thanks
  • middleClass1
    Mike! Where ya at buddy...?
  • rtrell
    What’s going on? I did not hear the big “announcement
    What’s going on? I did not hear the big “announcement on Friday” you spoke about.
  • Allen Seibel
    We need you Micheal
  • SavageNationLou
    Little R&R??
    Hello Dr. Savage, we miss you, hope you are getting some well deserved rest. Recall you mentioning you needed a vacation recently.
  • Student of True,
    Where is Dr? Savage???
  • MAGA America First
    Where is Mike at?
    Anyone know where Savage is?
  • gant33
    M savage
    How come you guys are not playing mike savage thats a 5star show We need Savage back now what is going on? If you have a podcast you should do a better job getting it out to listeners. Was rated a 5 but going’s down
    Michael, I use to be able to hear you in Hampton Roads, Virginia on WNIS 790. They ended swapping you out for Buck Sexton.... I’m very disappointed!!! We need you back.
  • coopererie
    Dr Savage
    Prayers your way sir.
  • oj0715
    WHERE’S MIKE??????????
    Don’t tell me the black helicopters got him 🧐
  • Prof AC
    Where is Dr. Savage?!?!?!
    Where is Dr. Savage?!?!?
  • G man Gino
    We are concerned let us know your Ok We Care You’re Our Voice Hope All Is Well
  • Mimisue4
    Dr. Savage
    Where is Savage? Why hasn’t he been on? Is he ok?
  • ndibrino
    New episodes
    Michael I miss your podcast what happened
  • parvin46
    Dr. Savage
    Is. Dr. Savage ok? He has not been on for about a week. We are concerned.
  • Yo FF
    Where is Savage???
  • sitruc725
    What’s up Doc
    Dr. Savage where are you?
  • Cautrymimi
    Savage Nation
    Best podcast and radio show. For an honest and enthusiastic point of view listen to the Savage Nation!
  • Joseph Krau
    Savage Nation
    Top conservative talk show Honest , intellectual and unique Why are the episodes not up to date ? Best regards Joseph
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