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Bask in the simple joys of being right. The Michael Knowles Show cuts through the madness of our politics and culture, analyzing the top stories of the day. Monday through Friday. If you like The Michael Knowles Show, become a Daily Wire member TODAY with promo code: KNOWLES and enjoy the exclusive benefits for 25% off at

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  • KongKarls
    DW needs to shift gears
    More outrage headlines about what the left is doing today. Don’t care, nothing they do surprises me and don’t need to hear you complain about it. Do more on what is or can be done about it, if anything. Also, segue ways to commercial messages are irritating and make you seem less serious about the topics.
  • Small Time Dude
    D.O.J. Paving the Way!
    With the blistering speed of 2 3/4 years, the D.O.J. has charged Jan. 6th. Film star, Ray Epps, with what amounts to a misdemeanor. Ray, you’ll remember, rose to fame, for his verbal advocations in the Jan. 6th. Episode, with subsequent claims of orchestration, which earned him appearances on the Jan. 6th. Committee, as well as “60 Minutes”! D.O.J. Congratulations are in order, as the, “Beacon of Justice”!😎
  • taylor20045689
    Love Michael!
    I’m part of the crème de la crème! Micheal is funny and a good conservative role model! I am really happy to see people who make a difference get the attention they deserve!
  • Jackieras on Instagram
    Great show! More interviews with Father Rehill!
    I thought this episode was so interesting and informative. Maybe a part 2? Thank you for sharing!
  • groovy squirrel
    Bask in the joy….
    …of being a hypocritical buffoon who possesses the unenviable trait of being a useless jerk.
  • mikeyyy:)
    Good job DW
    Based sigma male💪🏻
  • antb1996
    Yes. In fact they are
  • callyconservative
    It’s so disappointing to constantly hear you censor yourself. “ It rhymes with this” “I can’t say that”. My god stop being a hypocrite and stand up to YouTube!
  • jflo0204
    Balance & based
    Michael is amazing, his intellect, understanding, and Christian worldview, helps me see things in perspective. Also, love the humor!
  • Mandowolf
    Love the show
    Love the show always thought provoking and interesting but I liked the old intro music
  • Sophie xoxo#1
    Great show
    I love the insightful commentary of Michael Knowles
  • Big Sincho
    My favorite
    Michael is a true seeker. He is well spoken and humble. He comes across as very approachable. For such a young guy he is well read and has received a good deal if wisdom from his reading, life experiences, and most importantly God. He also does the best transitions in the world!
  • Random listener lol
    Great show!
    Micheal is definitely my favorite daily wire host, although I don’t agree with him on everything I have a lot of respect for him!
  • marciarobbins
    Psychic interview
    Wow! This interview was great and very informative. At first I thought, I don’t want to listen to a psychic! But, I’m so glad I did. I LOVED hearing about how Jesus rescued her from these demons. I loved how boldly she speaks and how much she uses Scripture! I always appreciate your podcasts, Michael. Thank you, especially, for this one.
  • Mithrandir.
    Big brain stuff
    I love this guy. He has a super clear, based mind. Wish he would convert to Eastern Orthodoxy rather than being Catholic, however. 😉☦️
  • Scorpion&theFrog
    Elitist Much?
    Was warming up to your show (big fan of Ben, Matt and listen to Candace on occasion). However, your diatribe of Oliver Anthony’s song- Rich Men North of Richmond, revealed your true elitist self. You took way too much time picking apart what you saw as inadequacies in a song millions upon millions of people around the word relate to. -Get over yourself, or at least fake it better!
  • ConcernedCitizen76
    New Intro Music?
    I Don’t like the new intro music change. I’ll still give 5 stars for everything else, but won’t like it if they don’t change back. The other one did a nice job building up the start of the show. Also the number of ads are increasing and it hurts the flow of the show.
  • MeMyself180
    Don’t always agree but appreciate his delivery
    If I could give this 4.8 stars I would, but I’m rounding up for good measure. Truth is, I don’t agree with him on everything, BUT his delivery is so good and even keeled, I can get past the opinions that make me cringe a little. He also makes me laugh quite a bit which I appreciate. I’m not a Republican, just a moderate/centrist independent who has started leaning right more and more that past few years as the world has gone bananas, but on many topics I find Michael Knowles gives the more logical opinions circulating out there. I think he underestimates the dangers of tobacco (hasn’t he read the history on “Tobacco Science?!”) and overestimates the risks of cannabis. I disagree with a lot of his staunchly held religious views (but I mean, that’s religion! People usually choose religion based on FAITH not on historical accuracy or rationality.) I can excuse some of his more extreme views on things simply BECAUSE I know his opinions are being formed by what his Catholic religion tells him is Truth with a capital T. And anyway, like I said, his delivery is smooth so it doesn’t ruffle my feathers quite so much. All in all, this has become my favorite political podcast lately. He also does a good job of covering some of the more obscure stories that other pundits seems to miss. I would like to see more debates on here. He has a nice respectful and calm debate style and we need to see more of that in the world these days!
  • JoyfulOneWaiting
    Well done topics and talks.
    Really like the new cover photo! I’m fairly new to listening to your podcast. So far, really good! When intelligence and common sense combine, I listen. Sometimes, even twice.
  • hackasaurus
    . Aristotle said teach your children well
  • Titus120
    Good, thoughtful, but a little preachy
    Love him and Shapiro, love Shapiro more because he doesn’t give 2 f@$/s about what people think about him but recently Knowles went on a rant about how marijuana affects the lungs the same way as nicotine and that big marijuana is evil. Ok buddy... for one you have a fricken cigar in your picture and I’m pretty sure you’re a drinker. Also, that claim about marijuana is just straight up false. Please do your homework. I love you dude but stick to subjects you know about, some conservatives like smoking pot and it’s pretty obvious when you are talking out your butt. Stick to what you know my friend, other than that he’s great but can also get preachy with the Catholicism. And I’m here today years later still listening but came to add that once again Mike is lecturing everyone on marijuana while promoting cigars that kill thousands upon thousands a year and never even hints that drinking can be harmful. If you are going to continue your campaign against cannabis sativa I suggest you start actually doing research, citing stats, and debating people that are pro marijuana. I doubt you’ll do any of this, and if you do I’m sure you’ll cherry pick some zoomie influencer that has a pot channel to debate… and oh the big argument today is most people I know who smoke weed are liberal so if weed is legalized more liberals? What are you talking about dude? Liberals don’t drink alcohol? Every wino mom I know is a lib? Libs don’t smoke tobacco? Castro smoked cigars lol! This is the farthest reach ever, Mike has to have stock in big tobacco and big alcohol no question, this has gotten to a point where it’s just dishonest.
  • saterdaysuckermoo
    Love this guy
    The only thing that could make his show more awesome is if he got angrier but it’s a great show altogether . I definitely recommend it if you want to hear the truth on we’re Americans stand today
  • Nixieone
    Oh my god! Today’s “Debunking…” brilliant and worth all the effort that must have gone into it. Keep up the great work on all fronts. This DW subscriber in NV has just had a great beginning to her day. No kidding!
  • A Real Christian!
    Of course he’s bias
    Guys this is an opinion show. If you don’t want his opinion stop listening. I love your show. Good Christian values. Think your wrong about Barbie but other than that u good! Love listening to you and Ben so much better than Walsh.
  • angiegriffith
    Love the sprinkle of Christianity ✝️
    As a new Catholic currently going through RCIA, I am so grateful to hear Michael’s perspective on the Bible and all things Biblical… thank you for making this such a key aspect of your show!
  • Hopeful🦋
    Are you kidding me?
    If I wanted to listen to Ben, I would! I need YOU.., Please…Quit speeding up your podcast🙏 😞
  • ryan smith 12$
    Commercials up the wazoo
    I love the Michael Knowles commercial hour with some of his podcast mixed I
  • kasducheebdf
    Very very biased.
  • oxyeeki
    The only thing…love everything else
    The only thing I can say I don’t like about this podcast is that the episodes aren’t long enough. Loving this🔥🔥🔥
  • K-Chewy
    garbage show, host, ideology, etc
    What the title says
  • Mommykate
    Great job tearing your country apart!
    Such obvious bias. You’re a bright red car complaining about all the bright blue cars. You are literally the same as any other extremist pundit and I hope real people get sick of the propaganda you all use to separate us. ✌️
  • Gmakoch
    Michael I love your show and we really need to push Vivak. He is amazing.
  • McCallpoi
    Screw you libs
    Exposes leftist nonsense
  • j- diggity dawg
    ONE of the absolute best…(however)
    Oh Michael… “Ramiswamy Tsunami”? I’ve never felt so disappointed and yet impressed simultaneously. God help us all.
  • Baby Byzantine
    Cool content, a few comments
    Thanks for making consistently intelligent commentary! I’d only note that the Eastern Christian traditions (especially the Greek ones) are even more ancient than the Latin traditions, and we in the 14 Catholic Churches of the Byzantine Rite preserve those (along with the other 9 Eastern Catholic Churches that have the Alexandrian, Antiochene, Armenian, and Edessan Rites). Since you’re in Nashville, feel free to stop by Byzantine Divine Liturgy here at the Catholic Church of the Korean Martyrs at 8:15AM on Sundays. Anyway, you’re a great voice in popular culture for the Catholic faith!
  • Adri044
    I can’t believe you sat through the whole interview with this shaman guy. I would have had to say please stop making noise with your mouth hole. I would have pulled my hair out. And you responded to his babbling with exceptional clarity and reasoning without telling him out right that he’s crazy. Impressive I must say.
  • papa cruiser
    Can’t believe I lasted through one episode
    If you are into conspiracy theories, this is your guy.
  • Rachel407
    High IQ serving the Good, True and Beautiful
    Geez! Michael is exceptional in every way. Stunningly handsome, charming, funny and balls of steel. He is the new Punk Rock.
  • A guy that’s here
    Great podcast
    I sometimes listen to this while I work out and it’s really nice to stay updated by someone who shares my views and beliefs if you like Ben Shapiro and Matt Walsh then this is good for you👍
  • Kyle Gillis
    Does the cigar…
    make his empty head itchy?
  • Rayz4632
    You’re done bud
    I have been listening to this show for about a week and I’ve reached a breaking point. I agree with a lot of things that this guys says, but aliens are not demons and pit bulls are not intrinsically aggressive, violent dogs that chew on toddlers.
  • spectregeek
    It's great to hear someone who can actually weild English, knows real facts, and has more than one neuron firing. That said: The guy, despite his appearance, was demonstrating normal adult public conversation, and she was a screeming meemie. He seems to accept that he will draw attention, and be willing to engage those who take him up on the visual icebreaker. She, on the other hand, gave full-throated rein to her 8-year old neurotically frantic id, IN A CONFINED PUBLIC SPACE. She needs to get a grip and learn what NOT to say out loud before venturing out of her conrner again. (In a normal world, this inversion of behaviors would have provided some comedic relief.) Everyone concerned needs to act their age.
  • Brady DeVerna
    This is an amazing podcast speaking the truth and the obvious facts, his voice is so amazing and catchy that I would listen to nearly any podcast with him as the host. His humor is amazing and without a doubt the best podcast on this app when it comes to stories to transitions to commercials he can just transition to the commercials so good it’s like the commercials are part of the actual story.
  • Reviews by naters
    Glenn millers!
    Love to see my local beer store in Lemoyne pa getting a shout out. Great show love the content!
  • Guard1an711
    Ep. 1281 Minute 34:20 What a smooth transition Michael
  • meglanon99
    Wow your awesome! My thoughts exactly regarding the aliens, Thanks!!
  • shtypinko
    FN pinkos
    Not you too, Michael. 🤦‍♀️ It is getting harder every day to defend You and Ben. 😇
  • Briana Hume Fine Art
    Smoothest transition into ad reads ever
    He just makes sense and he has a good sense of humor and the ads reads are just perfect 👍
  • Paul Naylish
    Snuck in
    I’m a Matt Walsh listener. He’s taken a sabbatical and I was looking for something to take the place of his podcast. Knowles is doing just that. He might even have moved into lead off position in the batting order.
  • Antgirljams
    Thick with hypocrisy
    Was looking for a well thought out conservative podcast that didn’t peddle fear. Sorry, Michael. You can’t “go back to 1220” and still want a pumpkin spice latte. 🤦‍♀️
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