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Bask in the simple joys of being right. The Michael Knowles Show cuts through the madness of our politics and culture, analyzing the top stories of the day. Monday through Friday. If you like The Michael Knowles Show, become a member TODAY with promo code: KNOWLES and enjoy the exclusive benefits for 10% off at

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  • CaptionJack
    A political commentator with Values and Principals
    Mr. Knowles concisely communicates truths about an array of political and cultural situations sensationalized by the main stream media. He speaks from a conservative perspective rooted in American and Christian values and principals. He exposes hypocrisies and lies in the political lefts narrative and reveals their marxist, secular, anti-American ideologies that lay under “the mask.” Knowles rebuttals the political lefts ideologies clearly with evidence that would leave any Leftist… Speechless!
  • KWoeVAman
    Michael brings humor, intelligence and plenty of facts to each podcast. I highly recommend every conservative and every liberal listen to it!
  • Teemu76
    Much Needed
    The book plugs are getting old, but they're temporary. Knowles humor and positivity on the other hand... they are here to stay.
  • Jpcruse
    Probably the most thoughtful and articulate political podcast I have heard. Thank God for this outlet common sense and truth!
  • Wasted space on my iPhone!
    Fell in love with his voice, then his politics.
    I have been a long time listener to the Daily Wire team and I absolutely adore Michael Knowles! Michael Knowles was brought to my attention by the estimable Mr. Andrew Klavan. When I learned that he was a protégée of Mr. Klavan and that he also read the audio for the “Another Kingdom” book series by Drew, I realized I had fallen in love with his voice first, then what he had to say. I appreciate how Mr. Knowles intertwines his vast knowledge of history and, not just American politics, but world politics as well, with his deep seated Catholic faith. Due to personal reasons, I am a recovering Catholic. I left the church when I was 18, however I’ve always felt the Catholic Church has, at its core, a fundamental foundation of Christ values, that cannot be disputed. Our America, our conservative Christian values that founded this country are being attacked daily. Without voices like Mr. Knowles and the rest of the Daily Wire team, so many more would be led astray by the lies that politicians, media, and celebrities are pushing. I am grateful for his unique understanding and take on issues that are important to me. God bless you, Michael and the rest of your colleagues. May the Lord continue to shine His face upon you and give you His wisdom!
  • Garvin55
    book plug
    (now that i think about it book plug sounds kinda weird but MOVING ON) the reason he does it, fellow listeners, is because it’s a joke. he has the ding when he does it for a reason. it’s a game he plays every day, and if he plugs it enough the camera “breaks”. it’s not some self centered reason, it’s just a fun thing he does.
  • #birthdaybummer
    Upcoming book…….
    Love you Michael, loyal listener. Just one thing, when your book comes out are you planning to dial back on the 3-4x a show plug with the bell? Please?
  • KlavanorKleandon
  • lovefromtheICT
    Warning: only listen to this podcast if you want to be educated
    Knowles explains and comments on current US politics with morals in mind. He’s quickly brought my attention back to conservatism from libertarianism. Couldn’t recommend his podcast more! (Literally… they only gave me 5 stars to work with)
  • DCDevildog
    Yale vs White Male
    I don’t know where u got this “white washed” version of Tulsa. I hate to call someone a liar but I think you get the award. Nobody told you what you said. Stop lying. The internet is too free, too informative for you to tell “alt-truth”.
  • Anneonair
    Drunken Sundays
    The recent Sunday Yes or No shows are the best! Love drinking, er um, playing along! Please keep em coming!
  • abezona
    Yes or No
    Knowles & Rubin definitely had sex after that podcast.
  • Sebguypizza
    Great Show
  • Roan Clement
  • MaryCalder
    Thank you for providing a bold, Christian, conservative commentary on the issues of the day. So on point and often very entertaining!!
  • maniscca
    Common sense
    Love this common sense voice. My new Rush Limbaugh. Can’t sleep without him.
  • astrosfan1996
    I like the podcast, not the book plugs
    Michael’s podcast is great, I like his takes on current events and agree with a lot of what he says. I just wish he would talk about his “upcoming book, ‘Speechless: Controlling Words, Controlling Minds’, available now for preorder” a little less. I think it’s fine to plug your book, but I think this current level of plugging is a bit excessive.
  • kmla2
    Right on, brother
    I love Michael’s podcast. Although I do enjoy listening to people with whom I don’t always agree, I also enjoy listening to Michael, with whom I almost ALWAYS agree. He stands firm on the moral and religious issues of our day. I appreciate that. Plus, he’s really funny and does great impressions. Although his Fauci is spot on, my favorite so far was actually his impression of the Russian soldier in that Russian military recruitment ad. LOL. Thanks, Michael!
  • Nztnorman
    🤌🏼 👨🏻‍🦲k
  • Kristos Paras Kever
    Get em
    the voice of reason
  • PexMan
    Dr Fauci
    Please. Just do Fauci. A whole show using his voice. Please. The very best impersonation!! Funniest without question!!!
  • TMStudwell
    My favorite Daily Wire show
    The Michael Knowles show is my favorite Daily Wire show. I started off only listening to Ben Shapiro and slowly ventured off to listen to the other guys and Michael is great. It’s tough choice, though, because I really enjoy Matt Walsh, too.
  • Tubatony16
    I really wanted to give a 1 star but turns out I like him, I’m just going with treating him like crap because that’s what Ben and Andrew do hahah
  • RalphfromMI
    Best of Daily Wire —Michael Knowles
    I greatly appreciate Michael’s intelligence, good humor and solidly rational discussions of current events and the Christian viewpoint without speaking as though his own word is all truth. His effective and direct use of Christian Biblical doctrinal teachings (versus a constant appeal to a the Roman Catholic Church) makes him a great talker for both Protestant and Catholic audiences. THE OTHERS - I have enjoyed Ben’s discussions but let’s face it, Ben lacks humility that would make him likable (though he certainly has many reasons to be humble). His lack of humility often Leads him to make dogmatic claims that make him appear to present himself as the wise and righteous judge - when often his answers fully demonstrate an intellectual overreach often seen among jerks... Even when he argues topics that relate to the Bible, his position of avoiding the Bible’s text to avoid circular reasoning puts him in a weird and unnecessary position. Other times he simply comes off as a snarky jerk... I expect he will mature and think his strong intellect will be of even greater value than it so now. Andrew can be hilarious and immensely insightful even though has an (implicit?) motto that because he isn’t God he can’t judge - and then spends most of the rest of his talks judging. Don’t know what causes this but I guess it all depends on something or other.. Walsh is a character and often a pleasure to listen to, although I wish he understood the Biblical text better so his argumentation was more solid. He could be a lot more effective. A LOT more effective.
  • saxattack07
    Master Klavan, Conduit of existence
    👨‍🦲k You only exist in my mind
  • master knowles
  • sean ryan Q
    Yes or No?
    Should you guys do this regularly? Yes.
  • Cruz Crew Girl
    The Best looking one
    I think Michael is the best looking one of Daily Wire and I love his brilliant mind. I appreciate the team work on The Verdict with Ted Cruz too. My favorite Senator.
  • Slider1947
    Knowles is my conservative guiding star
    Your analysis is one of a kind and I appreciate how you challenge my ability to avoid the left’s decision traps.
  • Jaime464
    Love Michael
    He’s the only Daily Wire commentator I will listen to. You won’t get a lot of flip flopping or changing opinions depending on how the political winds blow. You won’t be sorry if you give him a listen!
  • Myaushka
    I listen mostly to libertarian podcasts and people like Tim Pool, so listening to Michael’s show gives me good insight into a conservative value system
  • Cassiecmc
    Michael is the man
    Love that I’ve found this podcast!! #desantistrump2024
  • Daniel Nixon
    Interesting podcast!
    Micheal is very intellectual and knows a great deal of philosophy. I enjoy listening to his wisdom, and his lectures on common sense.
  • Jrtass
    5 stars
    Love your show Michael! I bought your “book” “Reasons to vote for Democrats,” for my brother when it came out and he handed it to my very liberal cousin during a visit. I wish I had it on video. Hilarious! She was so excited to open it with a big grin, ear to ear, only to find it blank! 😂 I also think your impersonations are spot on!
  • atjsaj
    Rock Auto Ads
    Michael, Great shows as always. All of you at the Daily Wire. I find your Rock Auto ads hysterical. Not one of you knows the front from back end of your cars. Your reference point is the steering wheel. That’s all fine but don’t come across as knowing anything. You, obviously don’t. Some of us Rubes out here do. The folks at Rock Auto are smart to advertise on your shows. They know their market. Just stick with the commentary and admit you are what you are.
  • fallen angel3859
    Listen daily but annoyed at all the book plugging
    Super annoying how he plugs his book 50 million times
  • W M Wynn
    Always great
    I listen almost everyday. Michael is easy to listen to and understand. He also is funny. Definitely a great conversation podcast.
  • Big Mike from O-town
    Simply the best!
    I would rate his show with a ten star rating if that was an option.
  • eLow4
    Two thumbs up!
    Fantastic info as always!
  • Girl team!
    Worth Every Second!!!
    Knowles is smart, funny, witty and tells the truth. He tells the TRUTH! He’s holding down the fort for the currently waning concept of common sense. I’m thankful. So thankful for his work that I’m nearly Speechless 🛎(“Controlling swords, Controlling Minds”). I have pre-ordered. I can’t wait to get my hands on the book on 6/22.
  • NotMarcia
    Smart and Funny
    Love your podcast! You introduced me to Liz Wheeler, and I thought I’d give her a chance. I subscribed to her show, gave her five stars, and wrote a review. Now, because of me, her show outranks yours. I’m sorry! It’s all my fault!
  • Fishsand
    Sanity Returns!!
    Michael is smart, funny and sane. Calls out the hypocrisy and insanity that IS the woke culture and ALWAYS has grounded and objective rationales. THANKS for the dose of reality!!
  • dillpiz
    It’s great, or whatever
    It’s great, or whatever
  • Zombiebtmn
    Sir Michael
    Love the show!
  • Helodriver20
    Great, Accurate, and Entertaining
    Micheal is almost as good as Liz Wheeler! Just kidding Michael! ❤️🇺🇸
  • FckUZck
    Great show!
    Lots of sarcasm, super funny, and also in depth discussions on politics, life, and the current culture.
  • raeast
    Liz Wheeler segment
    Please tell her to slow down her speech pattern. She sounds high on drugs. AND STOP SAYING “RIGHT”. She sounds like a teenager. She has excellent ideas but they are lost in the way she says them.
  • Lavash911
    Love your show!
    Thank you for standing up to the left!
  • shepherdsridge
    Courageous common sense without arrogance
    My favorite DW podcaster. Made me a member-came for Walsh/Klavan, subscribed for Knowles.
  • debrossphillips
    Great show
    Love this show
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