Story Time with Dutch Mantell

Wrestling #46

Legendary wrestler, manager, commentator, producer and booker ”Dirty” Dutch Mantell brings his definitive takes on the professional wrestling business and the most entertaining stories from years gone by to the podcast airwaves.

The Dirty Dutchman from Oil Trough, Texas has worked almost every single major promotion and wrestling territory in the United States over an illustrious 50 year career, including WWE, WWF, WCW, NWA, SMW, TNA, USWA, UWF, OVW, Impact, Georgia, Tennessee, Knoxville, Kansas City, St Louis, Florida, Memphis, Houston, Detroit, Mid-South, Kentucky, Mid-Atlantic, Dallas and even more - and that’s not counting Puerto Rico and Japan!

Every week, Dutch Mantell will give you his hot takes on the latest news, re-live some of the most memorable shows and events through history, bring you along on a virtual road trip to explain the nuances of the wrestling business, tell classic stories from throughout the decades and answer YOUR questions every other week. There may even be a guest or two coming up in the future, so make sure you subscribe and never miss an episode of Story Time with Dutch Mantell!

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  • Bobcast Goldthwait
    Unlikely partnership here but it works and then some. Dutch seems like a real good guy from wrasslin’ and James is excellent at moving the show along and asking great questions. Recommend! (Especially if you need a break from the other overly ad heavy shows)
  • Steve4:20
    Ditch is the BEST!
    This shoe is great to listen to as Dutch is so funny! A lot of the time, he doesn't mean to be funny, but he cracks a good one every now and then. He is a good man, not as a jerk or has attitude. I know him personally and he still cracks me up! Suggestion - Buy his two books! You’ll lover them and laugh through every chapter. This was not paid for the. I did it as a favor to my friend. By the way, Dutch is the man who gave Steve Austin his name, when Steve couldn’t think of one. Dennis
  • Deadhead-Dan10
    Love that theme song!
    Reminds me of a cross between Deadwood and Tarantino. The show is great too! I like a no nonsense crusty veteran wrestler talking to refined young Brit any day of the week! Updated: JAN ‘24: the show keeps getting better and better. The new formats and 2/week is appreciated. Best way I can describe the show is it’s an easy listen…falling asleep at night or driving to the gym, I can enjoy it any time of day when it pops in queue.
  • onekoolguy
    5 stars
    I started listening to Dutch because of the Bruiser Brody episode from Dark Side of the Ring. I was very involved from his story telling from that show. There I found this podcast. Great stuff, I could listen him talk all day!
  • 😆😚🥳😛
    Enjoy the stories from good ole days
    I’ve watched Dutch since the early ‘80s on World Class from Dallas. I really enjoy the stories from the (IMO) good ol’ days of territory wrestling. James and Dutch compliment each other so well. I listen every week on my older phone due to less storage on the newer phone. But it’s can’t miss podcasting, IMO! 😄
  • Sean of the deli
    Ads destroyed a great podcast
    Idk what happened but there are more ads than ever Conrad Thompson level of ads maybe even worse like mid sentence ads. No way a 30-40 pod should have this many ads. Sorry I will just watch on YouTube w a adblocker Really no way to enjoy this as a podcast
  • tennesee boy
    Jerry the king lawler
    I like stories tell dirty Dutch mantell podcast About old school the legendary Memphis wrestling About Jerry the king lawler and ohers Memphis wrestling wrestler and Monday night wrestling at the legendary mid south coliseum every Monday night From number one Memphis wrestling fan Mark blaiss ps long live Memphis wrestling
  • Totten-Author
    Very Enjoyable
    Barring the guests, this one’s a must listen. James and Dutch have great chemistry.
  • I.B.Kaepernickn'
    Must Listen
    Well organized and interesting.
  • Crsz1
    Great Show
    I’ve always loved listening to Dutch. He is a genius in the wrestling world.
  • Pamela64738589
    James is a misogynist
    What it says on the tin
  • Euphoniumbaseball
    Love the Podcast!
    Dutch has a million stories to tell, and he’s a great storyteller! Very entertaining and insightful.
  • KYoldtimer
    Best old school wrestling podcasts
    Dutch covers current wrestling news, but mostly focuses on stories of the old days. And Dutch's old days cover everything from Memphis in the 80s through 21st century WWE
  • nixfinity
    Another Trump Nut
    Two stars plus another for the mustache. Too repetitive and has run its course. Very surprised that a Brit would broadcast and support another hoodwinked right winged Trump nut. Bring back Don Muraco
  • shanzdale
    Excellent podcast
    Grew up on Dutch in Memphis. I had my parents get me a Bullwhip because of him. What a great storyteller.
  • @RichDomForever
    Good wrestling podcast
    Dutch is great at breaking down the different era details and personal experiences with people in the business
  • prayz singa
    A MUST in wrestling podcasts
    I am a 39 year old guy from South Central Kentucky and I grew up on Southern pro wrestling! Dutch has always been one of my favorites and this podcast did not disappoint!! I love the old stories and the hot takes on takes todays product. I never miss an episode ! I listen to 9 pro wrestling podcasts weekly and this one is tied with Jim Cornettes drive thru as my favorite of all - I recommend this for anyone that loves wrestling
  • car audio advice admin
    Used to watch Dutch on sat morning from the Memphis tv. Even seen him a few times at Rupp arena as a child. Great hearing old back story’s. …A+ guys keep up the great work. From mark in Ky
  • Neily J
    James and Dutch are a great team
    5 Stars/Would Recommend
    Dutch’s stories are Podcast Gold! He’s an excellent story teller with a library of Pro Wrestling knowledge. One of the true greats of the business.
  • Kluboski
    Great Podcast
    I love this podcast and the various guests that are used. Great job!
  • Avtomat81
    Awesome Storyteller with the experience to back it up!
    Even though I’m a life long wrestling fan, I discovered a whole new world through the excellent experience of Dutch. He’s got a natural talent for storytelling so that he could describe paint drying and it would still be captivating listening!
  • NattyMack77
    Dutch Mantell
    Love hearing all the great stories from Dutch! He’s a great dude and makes listening very easy! Keep it up guys!
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