Everybody's Got A Pod

Wrestling #44

He is a second-generation wrestler, Million Dollar Champion, and the most infamous heel in wrestling history! Join "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase and co-host, Marcus DeAngelo, as they look back at Ted's journey and Hall of Fame career that took him all over the world, culminating during the "Golden Age" of pro wrestling. With nearly 50 years of stories and experiences, "Everybody's Got a Pod" promises to be PRICELESS!

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  • Johnny B Well
    Ted and Marcus are a great podcast duo.
  • El-Vez
    Couldn’t ask for a better podcast with one of the greatest of all time!!! Love it every week!!!
  • Ssgmedicvet
    Great show
    This pod is a great trip down memory lane. For a guy who grew up in the 80’s watching wrestling every weekend and begging mom for the pay per views The Million Dollar Man was the heel you lived to hate. Thanks for all the memories Ted love you and God bless.
  • Dizzle559
    Such a great show
    Ted DiBiase is sharing his legendary knowledge & priceless perspective from his life in the wrestling business. He is dropping knowledge that you can take straight to the bank! and always remember... Everybody's got a price for the Million Dollar Man!!
  • ThingFromSpace
    Worth a Million!
    If you can listen to 15 episodes in a row, I’ll pay ya a million bucks. You look like you could use the money.
  • PAL Diamond
    Lovin these stories
    I am really enjoying this new podcast. Ted is so articulate and respectful of his peers and the business
  • dude7842689
    The co-host is awful.
    It’s not surprising that Ted may not remember everything from his career. It is so frustrating to have a host that does so little research that I know more about the topic than he does. He must have spent money to meet these wrestlers to be able to cohost the podcasts.
  • Space n stuff
    Great Podcast
    The million dollar man was someone who drove me banana as a child. Buying the title from Andre destroyed my brother and I back in the day!! Hearing Ted telling stories from back in the day is AWESOME! Definitely spreading the word on his podcast it’s a must listen for all us old school 80s kids!
  • SLNewcomb
    Everybody got a pod.
    Was very excited when I heard this was coming out. Episode 1 was great. Cant wait for the Mid South shows and I really hope they get into Georgia Championship Wrestling and Ted’s time there with the Freebirds, Armstrong and the great Mr. R angle.
  • Canesfan1918
    Great Start
    Really enjoyed the show. Great trip down memory lane & love hearing Ted’s stories. Love the territory stuff. Can’t wait to listen next week
  • 007weld
    I’m actually excited to hear this. Should be great! Met Ted, twice and a super nice guy. Still and always will love his laugh.
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